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Introducing the Cast of ‘Shrek The Musical’

SHREK : Thomas Talbot, Year 9

Thomas is Shrek

“Shrek I find is quite a stereotypical character , who is judged quite quickly by his appearance. Progressively throughout his journey his character changes and you see he has a deeper meaning to himself and a vulnerable side.”

“It was quite unexpected and a shame that the original Fiona had to leave but it’s so good that Sara was able to step in for the role. COVID was never really a fun thing, it was quite a bummer for everyone but I’m glad the show is back on track and we’ve been able to still do it. I am really looking forward to finally performing on stage and being proud of everyone and everything we achieved with the production.”



DONKEY: Bel Dabic, Year 10

Bel is Donkey


“Donkey is a vibrant and fun character – he is also a bit annoying at times. I have found acting this character very energising. When I go to rehearsals and see everyone, I get my ‘Donkey’ smile on and the character unfolds. We have been rehearsing for a while now and Donkey’s journey has been coming along. I think he (and I) will rock the stage!”

“I love coming to rehearsals. My time has been amazing and I have found lots of friends to connect with and it helps me with my confidence at school a bit.”

LORD FARQUAAD: Henry McGregor, Year 9

“Lord Farquaad is the antagonist of the production and he plans to have Princess Fiona as his Queen so he can rule Duloc. It is mentioned many times about his abnormal height during production though he has a very big ego and he believes that he is greater than everyone else. As the story progresses, his character gets crazier and crazier.”

“Last year I was not playing Lord Farquaad – I was playing one of the fairy tale creatures so it has been nice to have a bigger role in the production though it has been hard to memorise some lines! I am excited to see what people think of my costume and finally do the performance!”




PRINCESS FIONA: Sara Keys, Year 9

Sara is Princess Fiona

“Princess Fiona has her own persona that develops over time. You don’t really know who she is at first, but then she becomes an amazing person. She is really funny and sassy and so fun to play. I feel so honoured that I get to play her.”

“So Princess Fiona has a secret, and you discover her secret throughout the show – it is a monster of a secret! She is also meant to get married, and, throughout the show, this changes, with her finding her one true love in the end.”

“I was not as involved in 2022, but got involved this year when I took on the role of Fiona. The cast has been great, Mrs Fahie and Mrs Holmes have really helped me fit in. We have so much fun and I have really loved being involved as I love musical theatre. I am really excited to perform and showcase the character of Fiona and see the happy faces on kids as they watch the production. I really love seeing audiences reactions to performances.”


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