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Benefits of Boarding

There are many benefits to being a Boarder at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School:

  • For older students who are thinking about going on to university or other tertiary education, Boarding offers students one of the best environments to concentrate seriously on their study habits and spend time in the lead up to exams preparing to do their very best.
  • With dedicated times during weeknights for ‘Prep’ (time for homework and study), Year 11 and 12 Boarders especially are in an environment conducive to applying themselves fully.
  • Living on campus means having access to our Library after school and the peaceful atmosphere our bush setting ensures it is a quiet and tranquil place to study.
  • Students can be involved in a wide variety of school-based co-curricular activities, and they’re all on our doorstep! From playing school-based team sports such as Cricket, Netball, Basketball, Football and Hockey to joining clubs such as Art, Drama and Debating, there is an option to suit every interest Boarders may have. 
  • We offer a Boarding bus service to transport Boarders to and from the various appoinments and activities.
  • With friendly and dedicated Boarding staff living on campus, Boarders also have the option of being involved in activities offered in the Bunbury community. Whether it be dance, scouts or community-based sporting teams, our staff are able to do drop off and pick up runs through the week and weekends so that Boarders can get to their off campus commitments. 
  • Boarders at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School enjoy a friendly, co-educational community enriched by pastoral care all within our familiar bush environment.
  • Boarders benefit from having opportunities to form enduring friendships – strengthened beyond the classroom and across year levels through the multi-aged activities on offer.
  • Boarding also provides a structured routine, providing students with clear expectations and a consistency of daily events that can provide a measure of comfort during the trials and tribulations of the teenage years sometimes experienced by adolescents.


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