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Units & Facilities

Our cottage-style Units can provide accommodation for 120 Boarders. Boarders have bedrooms rather than dormitories with each Unit housing up to nine students. Boarders are housed in their Unit with students of varying year groups of the same gender so that the senior students take some responsibility for the younger members of their Units. Boarders in Year 7 are accommodated in seperate Units which complements our specific Year 7 Boarding Transition program.

Each Unit has its own shared bathroom with multiple showers. The kitchen and eating area of each Unit is a communal place where students can meet and chat over breakfast or afternoon snacks.

Main meals are provided in the Café by our permanent chefs and in the summer months, the outdoor barbeque area is often utilised for alfresco dining.

Boarding students have access to the library, tennis and sporting courts after school and on weekends. Senior Boarding students (Year 10 to 12)  have access to a gym and weights room before or after school.


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