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Our curriculum acknowledges the fundamental importance of literacy and numeracy skills in laying the foundations for lifelong learning. It also acknowledges the interdisciplinary nature of the world around us and embraces this in the creation of learning opportunities through Units of Inquiry.

We work together to develop cohesive, rich, diverse and engaging learning opportunities. Our highly professional and caring teachers cater for the wide spectrum of student abilities and interests.

At the core of our Primary learning is the Inquiry approach: a philosophy of learning which provides opportunities for examining concepts, issues and information at a significantly deeper level. Rather than skimming the surface of all known facts and attempting to fill our students with knowledge, we understand that it is more important to develop skills for learning with a deep understanding of some of the bigger concepts from our world.

Specialist teachers are provided for Art, Music, Sport, French and Christian Education and childen enjoy the benefits of our highly resourced Library .

By teaching our students to enquire we help them to become creative and critical thinkers, ask questions and solve problems. These transferrable skills of examination set a strong foundation for ongoing learning.

Children learn in different ways, at different rates and with different perspectives. We support this diversity by offering a differentiated approach to what we do. We provide additional support in literacy and numeracy and an exciting and challenging extension program.


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