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New but familiar faces in Boarding

At the start of the year, Boarding welcomed two new Boarding Supervisors; Visual Arts teacher Ms Caroline Cooper and Science teacher Dr Rachael Williams. Both teachers have enjoyed getting to know the students on a different level outside of school, and are excited to bring their own unique flair to the Boarding community.

Ms Caroline Cooper :: I have really enjoyed it! Two sides of teaching at school, and seeing how the Boarders lived after school, and getting to know the students as well in a different setting. We are also keen to push more of the art and craft side of things in Boarding. I would like to do a bit more of that, working on different life skills, set up a bit of a creative nook in the Marie Palmer Common Room with art supplies and sewing machines. Some students have asked about making and upcycling clothes, so I could really help with that. We could even do a fashion show later on! Both of us are happy to bring our own flavour to Boarding.

Dr Rachael Williams :: It has been good fun. I have enjoyed a bit more on the pastoral side of things. We are just really lucky having such wonderful students. Being able to help them outside of school as well, it is nice to see that they are so appreciative of it. A number of Boarders are interested in horse riding, so I would like to help them get involved in Equestrian events again this year. I previously lived in Dunsborough and I felt quite disjointed, and not part of the community. So getting the role as a supervisor has really allowed me to change that!


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