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New Farm

School in the bush with a farm

The Head of School, Mr Matthew O’Brien is excited to share that Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School has acquired a long term lease (16 years) on a 30-acre property, 2km from the School.

“We have been working towards this vision for the past five years, and it has come to fruition because of the generous support of Judy Morgan and her children, who both graduated from our School,” Mr O’Brien stated.

“We have lived on the property for the last 30 years,” Mrs Morgan said. “When we bought it, there were no paddocks, it was all open. The gentleman who had the farm owned racehorses and he had put a trotting track in, so had his horses here for about two years, before we then put in the paddocks and ran our own cattle,” she stated.

“While my daughter was at the School, we did a lot of things,” Mrs Morgan said. “I thought offering the School the lease of the property would be a wonderful opportunity for the future – for the children,” she said.

“Our plan is to run the land as a working farm and to develop programs that all students at the School can participate in, including full cohort cultivation/growing projects in Primary, agriculture research and mentoring partnerships in Early Secondary, and courses with certification in sustainability, land management, agribusiness, and agriculture in Senior Secondary,” he stated. ” Also, we aim to produce crops and meat to supply our School kitchens with high quality produce,” he concluded.

Mrs Morgan is excited to see the property once again being used. “For me, it is wonderful. I see the School, the students, turning this into a magic place,” she stated.

Watch the video to hear Mr O’Brien discuss in more detail the vision for the School Farm.

The School is excited to announce that this year, our Annual Giving Day will be raising funds to support the development of infrastructure on the farm. If you would like to learn more about how you, or your business, can support this, please visit our online Giving Day page or get in contact with Clare Underdown, Director of Marketing and Community Relations.


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