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Leaders Choose Community

Year 12 students, Daniella Botha and Jonah Lincoln, were selected to be the 2023 School Captains. Fellow Year 12 student, Matilda Coulson, is the Chair of the Student Executive. While the students were both excited and nervous, each felt honoured to be elected in their respective roles.

“It was little nerve-wracking at first, as I lead the Student Executive meetings and then need to share the ideas with staff,” commented Matilda. “I am excited to see what the year will bring and see some of the ideas we come up with become a reality within the School.”

Dani is appreciative of the support of both staff and her peers, as she settles into her role. “I was excited to be selected and happy that others had trust in me to represent the School. I feel all members of the Student Executive have shared the tasks equally and have supported each other,” she said.

Each year, the Student Executive chooses a focus, with the 2023 cohort deciding on ‘Community’ as their theme for the year.

“We chose this theme because we are hoping to extend our inclusion of everyone; something we think is unique to our School,” stated Dani. Jonah agreed, noting that the notion of community is a special part of the School.

“We wish to increase the feeling of pride that all students have in being part of our School and generate more engagement with past students and parents in events and activities,” he stated.

“We hope this theme will make a difference within the School by helping to strengthen the existing connections and also build new ones,” Matilda continued. “We would like to strengthen the connections between Primary and Secondary, to bring students and families together and help to grow our BCGS community.”

“I am sure the Student Executive and, in fact, all Year 12 students, will have a positive impact on the School. We are all striving to be great role models for younger students and hope to have a positive impact on the School community,” concluded Jonah.


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