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Year 7 Camp was awesome!

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School recognises that starting secondary school is a big step for both students and parents and run a Starting Well Program to help students with the transition into Year 7. Week 1 and 2 of Term 1 are dedicated to helping students meet each other and develop friendships, learn how to use their laptop, and get organised and familiar with lockers and timetables.

Year 7 camp took place in Week 1, with the main aim of helping the students get to know each other, while having fun. Students and parents may have been a bit nervous about having a camp so early in the year, however, students enjoyed the experienced, and the opportunity to meet other each other and develop new friendships.

“I was able to meet so many new people,” commented Mila. “I really loved doing the surfing, as it was fun to splash in the water, catch the waves and cheer everyone in, as we all had a go,” she said.

Xavier also enjoyed surfing. “It was really fun to get dumped by the waves!” he said. “I also liked dinner time, where you got to talk to other kids. I wasn’t really nervous, but more excited about being able to make new friends.”

Oliver, who came from a Dunsborough primary school, was both excited and nervous about camp. “I knew a couple of people who came from my primary school. I was nervous about doing activities I had not tried before, but also really excited, so once I got on camp, my nerves just faded away.”

Oliver also really enjoyed dinner time. “I loved dinner time, as we got to talk about the day and all the fun we had, we got to eat delicious food and it was a really good time to connect and make new friendships. The lasagne was my favourite meal!”

Atticus was nervous about starting Year 7 but stated that “it is amazing! It is more fun than primary school, which is not what I was expecting!”

If you are interested in your child joining us for Year 7 in 2024, we are holding our first Year 7 Tour and Information evening on Thursday, 2 March. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about our School, meet staff and see our beautiful campus and facilities. Registrations can be made online. Year 7 is a key entry year, so families are encouraged to submit applications early. Applications can also be completed online.


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