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Year 5 Band Program

The Primary Music Room has been enjoying the sounds of new musicians honing their skills. The Year 5 Band Program commences at the start of Semester 2 each year. The instruments on offer include flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, baritone and French Horn. The students’ musical journey consists of instrumental tuition and ensemble practice during timetabled Music class. Students continue their learning during Semester 1 in Year 6, culminating with a performance at the Annual Big Band Barbeque, held at the end of Term 2. The budding musicians are showing great promise and enthusiasm!

There are many benefits to being involved in a music ensemble, in addition to improving personal musicianship. We see students:

  • Develop self-confidence.
  • Improve their socio-emotional wellbeing.
  • Hone their sense of discipline and organisational skills.
  • Apply their learned techniques.
  • Learn how to be in sync with others.

Our new Year 5 Band students reflect on what they are enjoying:

I like learning to make songs. :: Freya

I like waking my mum up at the crack of dawn just to practice my flute. :: Harper

It is a really nice way to learn a new instrument other than the piano. :: Ashlyn

I like to make car noises and do the long note competition. And it is loud! :: Archer and Taj

I like pressing new keys and discovering new notes. :: Christian

I love hearing the sound of the flute. :: Leora

Mrs Rachel Holmes :: Primary Performing Arts


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