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Teacher Tuesday: Ms Linda MacDonald

The start of 2024 saw Ms Linda MacDonald join our Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School community as a new French teacher and Residential Year Group Co-ordinator in Boarding. Ms MacDonald recognises the importance of mentorship and language education, and looks forward to inspiring students while fostering connections within our school community.

My teaching career began in the early 90’s at Bunbury Senior High School where I taught French and Italian. I was young and had just graduated from university and was looking for adventure in the South West – and I found it!

I have many, wonderful memories and made some lifelong friends from that time. After a few years, I returned to Perth, continued with my life and career, got married, raised my two (now adult) children and here I am, back in Bunbury again (with my husband this time!).

I had always wanted to be a teacher. As a child I would play “schools” and think up little lessons for my younger brothers, sisters, and cousins. I did study Law for a while but realised it was not for me. I love learning as much as teaching and believe that it keeps me “young”. I especially enjoy teaching and learning languages as it encourages us to communicate and connect with more people around the globe and hopefully, increase our understanding and respect for other cultures as well.

I decided to become a residential boarding supervisor as I like to care for and mentor young people; to help them along their way as they develop their unique gifts and talents. I consider it a privilege to be part of that journey. I was fortunate to have adults in my life that mentored me when I was young so I would like to pay it forward.

I am looking forward to getting to know Day Students and Boarders as well as colleagues, parents, and others in the Grammar community. I am also looking forward to inspiring students to take on the challenge of learning French beyond the “compulsory years”. I do not think I have ever heard an adult say they regret learning a language, but I often hear adults say they regret not committing to learning a language when they had the opportunity to do so at school. So, I say; why not give it a go?


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