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Students volunteer their time to feed other students in need.

The founder of Eat Up Australia, Mr Lyndon Galea, visited our School recently.  Founded by Mr Galea in his hometown of  Shepparton, Eat Up is  national organisation that aims to provide meals for hungry children in school so that they continue to learn and grow. It is an alarming statistic that one in eight children go hungry at school each day in Australia.

Our school has been part of the program since 2021 and is the only school in the region to contribute regularly to the program. Students volunteer their time after school to make over 400 sandwiches every session, which is then supplied to eight local schools around Bunbury.

Eat Up supports hungry children at 897 schools across Australia, with 144 of these schools in WA – 120 in suburban Perth, and 24 in regional WA (Bunbury, Geraldton and Esperance).

“It was enormously special to visit and thank the inspiring students and teaching staff at BCGS who give their time to make and deliver free lunches to local school children who would otherwise miss out. Together they make and deliver 425 sandwiches every 3 weeks to eight schools in Bunbury,” said Mr Galea.

“[Volunteering for Eat Up] is a great way of getting to know people you would not usually talk to, and it is always fun when working together while also being able to provide for the community,” said Round Square captain, Hannah Peterson.

“It has also been amazing to see the growth in numbers of students who come along to our Eat Up sessions, increasing what we are able to produce which then goes to local schools all around Bunbury who need it most,” she added.

“I am proud that BCGS is a part of an amazing initiative that has such a great impact on our local community,” concluded Hannah.

Volunteering is great way for people make a tangible difference, and students appreciate the opportunity to give back to their local community, and have a positive impact.

“It is a special way for young people to get hands on, working shoulder to shoulder with their friends and be a part of volunteer events that are both fun and fulfilling! Eat Up has grown to be able to reach and feed more kids by working together with locals who love where they live and want to make a difference in their own hometowns. We are incredibly grateful to BCGS for feeding hungry kids in Bunbury,” he continued.


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