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Staff Spotlight Saturday: Mr Glen Strindberg

Outside of the classroom, Media teacher, Mr Glen Strindberg is actively involved in the film industry. One of the films he worked on two years ago, Violett is currently screening in Perth.

Mr Strindberg’s involvement in the industry grew during COVID and he has since been involved in two feature films, a short film and an online series where he has worn a variety of hats as part of the production crew.

“I realised that I still had a passion for storytelling and creating film, and in my recent projects, I have had roles such as Director, Executive Producer, Host, Editor and Assistant Director. These opportunities also allowed me to try other roles such as camera assistant, focus puller, sound recordist and grip,” said Mr Strindberg.

Filmed in the Perth hills, the horror thriller film, Violett, follows a series of strange child disappearances in a rural town, and an ill mother fearing that her daughter, Violett will be next.

Mr Strindberg worked on the film as the Assistant Director. “This role required me to ensure the day-to-day film shooting ran smoothly as well as making sure shots were completed to schedule. There is a lot of troubleshooting, communication between crew members, and making sure you work closely with the director to ease the pressure at the top,” he explained.

“It was very rewarding. It did allow you to understand the long hours and draining nature of working on set all day, rain, hail or shine. There is intense concentration required for long hours to make sure everything is running smoothly,” Mr Strindberg described of his experience working on the film.

Violett has won multiple awards locally, nationally and internationally, and the success of the film has showcased the capability of the industry in Western Australia. From the recent success of the film, Mr Strindberg is working on another film called, Shed, as the Assistant Director and also as a Producer this time. The film, a survivalist thriller, is scheduled to be released later this year.

Violett is currently screening at Luna Palace Cinemas in Leederville ( )


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