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Secondary Interhouse Athletics Carnival

We had magnificent spring weather again for the Interhouse Athletics Carnival. Huge thanks to our grounds team for all their work in marking the track and preparing the ovals so meticulously. It was a closely contested carnival again with plenty of support from visiting parents and grandparents. The refreshments provided by our food tech staff and the P&F volunteers were much appreciated as usual. Redding House were the eventual winners again!


Below are the final results.


1st           Redding                                          3,547  points

2nd           Wilson                                           3,491  points

3rd           Goldsmith                                     3,435  points

4th           Knight                                            3,025  points


The following students were champions or runners up for their respective year groups. Medallions were presented at the carnival.

Yr 7     Champion Girl            Milla D                                               WN 

             Runner Up                  Sasha P                                                GD 


             Champion Boy            Jensen B                                              KN 

             Runners Up                 Tom B                                                 RD 



Yr 8     Champion Girl            Rosie R                                               GD 

             Runner Up                  Charlie D                                            RD 


             Champion Boy            Cooper B                                             GD 

             Runners Up                 Jay H                                                   WN 


Yr 9     Champion Girl            Maya W                                              RD 

             Runner Up                  Tana H                                                 GD 


             Champion Boy            Leeuwin P                                           GD 

             Runners Up                 Connor B                                            KN 


Yr 10   Champion Girl            Isabella B                                            GD                   

             Runner Up                  Laura D                                               RD 


             Champion Boy            Hudson A                                            WN 

             Runner Up                  Carter G                                              RD 


Yr 11   Campion Girl              Brooklyn M                                         WN 

             Runner Up                  Lily O                                                  RD 


             Champion Boy            Floyd D                                               RD       

             Runner Up                  Tom M                                                RD 


Yr 12   Champion Girl            Meghan W                                          GD                   

             Runner Up                  Sienna G                                             GD 


             Champion Boy            Jonah L                                               GD 

             Runner Up                  Jack H                                                 RD 


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