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Year 1 students participate in BirdLife Australia’s Annual Aussie Bird Count

Last week was the week for BirdLife Australia’s Annual Aussie Bird Count. Australians were all encouraged to head into their backyards and spend a minimum of 20 minutes to count the birds they could see. Our Year 1 students participated by spending a period walking around the campus identifying the bird species they could see.

The students had prepared by researching what birds species exist in the South West so they knew what to look for as they walk around the campus. The class saw Parrots, Magpies, Butcher Birds and Silver Eyes. The Magpie was the species they saw the most of.

Pedro Bessa Cunha Adriano said, “I saw a lot of birds, but mostly big ones,” and

Not only did they discover birds during their walk but they also learnt more about their habitats.

“We found a nest!” exclaimed Zayn Hussain.

The students were excited to be part of this nation-wide project. “We have got data to give to scientists,” said Taj Kealy.

Ultimately, it was an enlightening walk for the little students and an opportunity to explore the natural habitat of the birds that live in and around our bushland campus.


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