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Basketball Wind-up 2024

To celebrate the end of the Basketball season, teams celebrated their achievements and recognised the contribution of players, coaches and managers at an end of season Wind-up. Congratulations to all award winners for the 2023-2024 season!


Y4 A M Grammar Blue Erica Smith MVP Tom S Runner Up MVP James P
Y4 B M Grammar Gold Nathan Brennan MVP Yusuf A Runner Up MVP Kade P
Y4 A F Grammar Gold Rob Whirledge MVP Scarlett S Coach’s Award Samantha K
Y5 A M Grammar Blue Michael Spagnolo MVP Jack R Runner Up MVP Ethan S
Y5/6 A F Grammar Blue Toby Potter MVP Haylie S Coach’s Award Mary Q
Y5/6 B F Grammar Gold Dale Crow MVP Ivy S Runner Up MVP Milla B
Y7 A M Grammar Blue Michael Spagnolo MVP Christian G Runner Up MVP Harrison K
Y7 B M Grammar Gold Jocelyn Lockhart MVP Spencer B Coach’s Award Cash G
Y7 A F Grammar Blue Jeremy Potter MVP Eloise P Coach’s Award Hayley O
Y8-9 A M Grammar Blue Aaron Hughes MVP Toby P Most Improved Leeuwin P
Y8-9 C M Grammar Gold Jason Bancroft MVP Chase L Runner Up MVP Miles B
Y8-9 D M Grammar Blue Jason Reid MVP Wil D Runner Up MVP Sam B
Y8-9 D M Grammar Gold Jason Reid MVP Joseph M Runner Up MVP Cooper B
Y8-9 A F Grammar Blue Phil Morgan MVP Caitlyn M Runner Up MVP Maya W
Y8-9 B F Grammar Gold Phil Morgan MVP Kylah L Runner Up MVP Charlie D
Y10-11 B M Grammar Navy Marc Habermahl MVP Hunter H Coach’s Award Lucas H
Y10-11 C M Grammar Blue Iain Dale MVP Will P Runner Up MVP Cohen M
Y10-11 C M Grammar Gold David White MVP Carter G Coach’s Award Jonathan B
Y10-11 A F Grammar Navy Shannen Jenkin MVP Havana M Runner Up MVP Tessa S
Y10-11 A F Grammar Blue Jenelle Commisso MVP Stella C Coach’s Award Charlotte B


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