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Recording Our History


The Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School Archive works to preserve the history and tradition of the School. It is a vital part of our unique identity and cultural heritage.
Our collection, dating back to 1967, provides an excellent account of the planning and development of the School including:

  • Provisional Council, Board of Governors and Head of School Records
  • School Attendance Registers (Rolls)
  • Staff and Student Records
  • School Uniforms and Costumes from School Productions
  • Trophies and Memorabilia
  • Photographs, Slides, Movies, Audiotapes and Videotapes
  • Oral History Recordings
  • Complete sets of School Publications including the Bonifacian and the Grammarian

Access to the collection is available through the School Archivist, Mrs Ros Malone, by appointment. Volunteers are welcome and can undertake a variety of tasks under the guidance of the School Archivist. Please contact Ms Malone on (08) 9722 6145 or email

If you would like to view our electronic archives, visit our Electronic Archives page.

Historic photographs and archival items are displayed within the School. Archival records are regularly used within the School Curriculum, especially within the Primary School and the Year 7 programme. Student volunteers assist in the management of the current photo collection. These students learn basic archival skills and their time counts towards their community service commitment.

Archival resources are used for articles such as those published in the Grammarian and images are used to complement student and staff celebrations and reunions. Donations are welcome and received by the School Archivist under our School Archive Collection Policy.

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