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2023 Music Captains Holly Harrison and Erin Rennie

Making music fun

The 2023 Music Captains are Holly Harrison and Erin Rennie and both are keen to ensure that being part of the music program is a fun experience for all students.

Both are accomplished musicians and have regularly performed together at School events over the last few years.

Holly plays the piano, flute and saxophone and is a member of the Big Band, Senior Band, Intermediate Band, Flute, Jazz, and Saxophone Ensembles.

“I really want all our musicians to feel included, and help our younger and older students mix,” said Holly. “I have enjoyed my time as part of the music program and really want to ensure it is a fun space for everyone.”

Erin plays the piano, clarinet, and saxophone, and is also a member of the Big Band, Senior Band, Jazz and Saxophone ensembles.

“I love being able to perform and share the joy of music,” Erin said. “Being part of the School music program has enabled me to learn how to play with other musicians and have fun. I want to ensure other students get that experience too- mixing music and fun.”

They started off the year with a lot of fun, at a music camp held at the School. The Big Band had their first performance prior to the camp, entertaining parents at the P&F Welcome Sundowner. The Big Band members were then joined by all students who are part of School bands, and they spent the weekend playing music, while also having some fun.

“We played lots of music, had a quiz night and went to Palmer Oval and enjoyed a slip n’slide,” said Holly. “It was a really good opportunity for us to learn new repertoire as well.”

“The best thing about music camps is being able to play music, and then do fun things with your friends,” said Erin. “It also gives our younger musicians the opportunity to see where they can progress to, as they get to see and hear the older students play as well.”

The Big Band will get the opportunity to play for the public this weekend, as they have been invited by the Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce and Industry to welcome the cruise ship Seabourn Sojourn to the Port of Bunbury on Sunday morning. Head down to the port from 7.30am to hear the talented musicians.


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