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Young Writers Inspired By Author

A week of Young Writer’s Events at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School provided excellent opportunities for students from a number of local schools to learn from junior and young adult author, James Roy.

“I am a storyteller. I write books and I teach kids about writing, but at the end of the day I’m just telling stories and that is what I want them to understand,” Mr Roy said.

Students with a passion for reading and writing were able to interact with each other, build their confidence and improve their quality of writing.

“We have talked about the idea of story, the idea of putting a character in a difficult position and how that underpins pretty much all the stories that we tell.” Mr Roy said.

“We talked in quite some depth about characters because I think characters drive the story. If the characters not right nothing else works.”

He spoke with the students about his career path, books, and writing process.

“All these books you see in the library, somebody has got to write them and there is no reason that it should not be you that contributes to that,” Mr Roy told the students.

The students also had an opportunity to create and share their written work, with great opportunities for constructive critique.

“I get excited to see a whole bunch of kids who want to do this and to have parents and schools that are prepared to support this as well.”


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