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Year 7 Transition

With Year 7 the main entry point for all Secondary students, our School has been leading a Year 7 Boarding Transition program since 2007.

Designed to consolidate and strengthen the pastoral care delivered to our Year  7 Boarders, our newest students will be given more opportunities to bond as a group and enjoy regular direct contact with staff, particularly our Junior Boarders’ Co-ordinator. All Year 7 Boarders will be accommodated in two adjacent Units for the first three terms. In Term 4, Boarders will gradually move into their respective Houses. 

All Year 7 Boarders will be accommodated in the Marie Palmer side of Boarding from the commencement of school until the end of Term 3. In Term 4, some Boarders will move into the June Reilly side of Boarding. Unit seniors within these units will be specifically chosen for the level of care and attention they have demonstrated towards Junior Boarders.

The Year 7 Units are in close proximity to the Laundry and Boarders' Cafe, minimising the challenges of being in the right place at the right time. Prep will be conducted separately for these students at an earlier time, from 6.45pm to 8.00pm, and there will be an earlier bedtime.

Friendships are one of the most important factors in enjoying the Boarding experience. With dedicated afternoon activities conducted by our Junior Boarders’ Co-ordinator, your child will enjoy additional time to establish year level friendships, and yet still enjoy multi-age activities with all Boarders during the normal weekend program. Read what our 2018 Year 7 Boarders enjoyed most about their first year.


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