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Year 6 students build a winning go-kart design


After a very tight go-kart competition – involving collecting, designing, building, testing and racing – Year 6 students Harry Piacentini, Zaccary Whirledge, Aaron Crabtree and Jake Richings came out on top.

“We were a bit cocky at the start. Then we lost a race and our hopes went down. However, we managed to win in the end,” said Harry.

The boys agreed that one of the most important skills they learned was teamwork.

“We got ideas from everyone in the group,” said Zac.

“I thought the building went quite smoothly. We never really went off track,” said Jake.

“Harry was very good at building. Zack helped a lot with the drills and Jake helped a lot with the breaks,” said Aaron.

The students built their go-karts in teams with the guidance of some parent volunteers.

“Our steering was different from the other go-karts because we used bike handles, and our break was different as well because we used a bike frame. Our go-kart was a lot shorter as well,” said Zac.

The Year 6 students have been collecting the scraps that made up the majority of their go-karts since April.

“We used a sack trolley as the base. Then we brought in scrap materials off the roadside collection and added them on to our go-kart,” said Harry Piacentini.

In the end, the students learned how to use a jigsaw, a drill, and ultimately how to use each other’s strengths to build a winning go-kart design.

“This project began in 1996, and it has been running pretty much continually since then,” said Year 6 teacher Mrs Michelle Waddingham.

The students felt fortunate for the opportunity to be a part of this long-held tradition.

See photos of this year’s go-kart race on our gallery.

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