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Year 4 Koomal Dreaming Cultural Experience

On a crisp and clear Autumn morning, the Year 4 students headed off on a leisurely walk through our School’s beautiful bushland. Their destination; the Palmer Oval firepit. Here they were to spend time with Wardandi custodian, Josh “Koomal” Whiteland, to learn more about the rich local Indigenous culture and history.

The students explored how traditional owners utilised the natural environment for bush medicine, shelter, clothing, and food. They witnessed the skilled craft of traditional fire-making, using only the natural resources in the surrounding environment, and the accomplished talent of didgeridoo playing. Through storytelling, they discovered more about the importance of Country and Place to Indigenous peoples, and they listened to some Dreaming stories that have been shared for thousands of years.

The highlight was a surprise boomerang throwing experience. After receiving expert instruction from Josh, it was the students turn to try their hand at throwing a boomerang using the traditional method. Despite many attempts, no boomerang made it back!

Mrs Rachel Cook :: Year 4 Teacher

I enjoyed listening, and learning to play, Indigenous music with the didgeridoo, tapping sticks and drums. :: Ethan

We go to learn how to dance. The girls learnt how to dance like an emu and boys like kangaroos. :: Archer

I enjoyed seeing all the different didgeridoos and their shapes and sizes. :: Jane

My favourite part was when we tried to throw the Boomerang. :: Adam

I liked learning how they make the fires and trying to make a fire. :: Alyssa

I learnt that the Indigenous people have been around for between 66,000 and 70,000 years :: Jack

I liked learning about the different types of Boomerangs; some were heavy, and some were light, and they were used to hunt and fight. :: Josh

I liked learning about the different tools and how they made the resin and other parts of the tools. :: Harper

I liked learning about the different tools, especially the fishing spear which was made with a kangaroo leg bone! :: James



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