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Year 3 Harmony Day Lesson

As part of their Humanities and Social Science lesson, the Year 3 students were invited to create Harmony Day badges to demonstrate their understanding of this important day. In class, they discussed the important terms of diversity, culture, belonging and peace and the different signs and symbols associated with these words. Here are some of the students’ beautiful quotes.

It does not matter what your friends look like we are ONE! A family may look different but we are the same deep inside – Charlotte Howie

The circle in my badge means peace and the orange is the colour of Harmony and peace. – Humphrey Hager

Different flags represent different countries, and it does not matter where you are from we should always be treated the same – Annabel Bevis

I chose a plant in my badge to mean growing up together. – Jonathan Cunningham

The heart and Earth represent love in the world, the symbols stand for peace and orange is a Harmony Day colour. – Nidhi Atikam

The peace sign means we can all be happy and be in harmony and we should all be nice to each other. – Lola Bevan

I chose the flags of the world because it represents people being together. – Hal Payne

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