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Year 1 and 2 Camp

Feature Image - Year 1 and 2 Camp

The Year 1 and 2 students had a lovely time on Camp in Margaret River with many saying they had a memorable experience with it being the first time camping with their friends. Here are what some of the students had to say:

Archer Kidd :: I loved learning about possums and enjoyed sleeping in bunk beds and sharing the camp fire with my friends.

Meha Agrawal :: I liked going bushwalking on the trails especially when we were blindfolded as we learnt to use our other senses to navigate.

Annabel Bevis :: I enjoyed trying new foods and sleeping in the bunk beds with my friends.

Hazel Anderson :: The walk trails in the bush was fun and also trying new food at camp.

Scarlett Stewart :: I had fun playing with my friends and learning about the environment.

Christian Ubani :: My favourite parts were eating ice cream, sleeping in bunk beds and bush walking.

Fletcher Ashby :: I liked eating bush tucker and the blindfolded walk to use your senses to guide your way.

Lily Burns :: The treasure hunt was my favourite part as we had to figure out what the plants were.

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