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A Typical Day

During Terms 1 and 4, a Boarder’s morning can start with a trip to the beach for an early swim, surf or walk; during Terms 2 and 3 it might be completing a weights circuit. Students must rise, shower and dress at around 7.00am on a weekday morning. Junior Boarders (Years 7 and 8) make their way to the Cafe for supervised breakfast. All other Boarders are given the option of a continental style breakfast in their Unit or having a cooked breakfast in the Cafe.

Just like at home, Boarders have responsibility for keeping the living and kitchen facilities in their Units clean, and are required to tidy up before school begins each morning.

After the school day has finished, there is time for activities, sports and free time before the Boarders complete their Unit kitchen clean-up and meet for dinner in the Cafe.

"Prep" time for study and homework begins at 7.00pm five nights each week. Year 7 Boarders can go to bed from 8.00pm, while lights out for Year 8 and 9 Boarders is 9.30pm and 10.30pm for senior Boarders. Year 12 Boarders may work past 10.30pm should they wish. There is no Prep on Friday and Saturday evenings, and Boarders have free time to watch television or relax as they choose.

On weekends, Boarders can make trips into town on Saturday mornings, utilising the Boarding bus. Afternoon activities often consist of sports, games and social get-togethers while Saturday evening may be spent watching movies and socialising. Sunday evening has a short time allocated for Prep and quiet time that Boarders spend in their Units.

Throughout the year, there are also many weekend excursions and trips away for different activities including beach trips, football matches and day trips to Perth, providing prime opportunities for developing friendships and shared interests. 


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