Technology | Bunbury Cathedral Grammar



The Technology learning area encompasses a diverse range of subjects offering students a large selection of courses in both lower and senior Secondary School. Subjects in this learning area involves the technology process where students are continually investigating, devising, producing and evaluating using a wide range of materials including food, metals, plastics, textiles, wood and paper. Students also investigate methods of finding, using and presenting information through sound, graphics and text using a variety of media. After school co-curricular classes, competitions and exhibitions are also available for Secondary students as a means of further developing their skills within the learning area. 

The Technology learning area courses can be broadly categorised into the following areas:

  • Materials Design and Technology - Design and construction of items using a variety of materials including wood, metal and plastics.
  • ICT - Operating digital media equipment, video editing, digital photography, website design, animation, mobile device app and game development.
  • Food Technology - Food preparation, meal planning, health and nutrition.
  • Textiles - Fabrics and textiles construction, fashion and principles of design. 
  • Business - Small business principles, marketing, accounting and finance. 
  • Graphics - Computer aided design software, graphic design and illustration.
  • Photography - Digital photography, exhibition, portfolio and studio work.