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Teacher Tuesday: Jason Bancroft

Feature Image - Jason Bancroft

Mr Jason Bancroft joined our School 12 years ago, bringing a vibrant personality that has helped many students come out of their shell both on and off the stage.

I have been a teacher for over 20 years, beginning with my first post as a Drama Teacher in Port Hedland. I have worked extensively throughout the government sector, specialising in behaviour management and mentoring department staff to find strategies that effectively complement their teaching style.

I studied Contemporary and Experimental Theatre at Murdoch University, with a focus on performance making. I have always been fascinated in the ability to construct performances that have a real impact on the audience. Whether it be to laugh, cry or just to contemplate our own existence, it is the interactive nature of performance that I believe will keep bringing younger audience back to the theatre.

I came to Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School in 2008 and instantly fell in love with the place. There is a special vibe here that I have not felt in many other schools. It is the way students are able to interact with adults; how respect and consideration of others is built into the everyday life of a student; and how success and talent are celebrated and not a cause for ridicule. And of course, the stunning bush environment of our campus! I will always remember walking through the grounds for the first time.

The highlight of my time at BCGS is definitely the wider School community. I am so grateful when former students return and we can reminisce about their time at our School. It is great to see where their lives are heading and, whether it involves Drama or not, the experiences that they have had along their journey.

It is especially heartwarming to see past students return to run workshops and help our current students in their own performance work and the School Production. If I had one message for former Drama students, it would be: “May your cheese always be excellent!”

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