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Students take on the South 32 Rottnest Channel Swim.

Feature Image - Rotto Swim

Thirteen students from Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School will take part in this year’s South 32 Rottnest Channel Swim.

This will be the 22nd year that the School has participated in the swim. Of the 13 students that will compete, there are a mix of novice and experienced competitors. After months of training, there is a mixture of excitement and nervousness among the swimmers as the Swim draws closer.

“I am feeling nervous but excited to swim to Rottnest for the first time with my team. I am looking forward to going on the boat and having the experience at this age,” says first time swimmer, Neve Hathway, Year 9.

“I want to try my best and enjoy the experience. We have done lots of preparation over 2020 and the start of 2021. This includes training in the mornings before school and some open water weekend swims as well as with Bunbury Swim Club for a bit of extra fitness,” added Neve.

Year 12 student, Owen Cattaway is no stranger to open water swimming competitions having recently placed fourth in the Busselton Jetty Swim. This is not his first Rottnest Channel Swim, but this is the first year he will be swimming it solo – only the third person in the School’s history to do so.

“It is very daunting; it is such a long swim. The highest amount that you do at any open water swim is ten kilometres, so going to a swim and doing 20km is a big step up, even though it does not sound like much, it is a long way – two marathons in a row,” said Owen.

“It is amazing, it is an honour to do it with the School, because I know others who would love to do it but do not have the opportunity. It is definitely very daunting, but I am very excited as well, so the nerves and everything is setting in now.”

The students are very appreciative of the support from the School community, with many staff, parents and past families providing boating, kayaking and moral support on the day.

Recently Owen met with former student, Nicholas Bowen (99) who was the first student at the School to attempt the Swim. Tahlia Jensen (17) was the second student to complete the race as a solo competitor in 2016, finishing third in her category.

To read more about the advice Nic provided to Owen and other swimmers, click here.

The following is a list of all of this year’s swimmers:

No Team Team Name




Matilda Richings

Neve Hathway

Arabella Roberts

Scarlett Riddle

9 Solo

Owen Cattaway

754 Boys

Luke Lea

Eamon Noonan

Darryl Hazelden

Dustin Gee

Floppy Jazz Dog
692 Mixed

Sarah Mazzucchelli

Grace Farris

Ryan Hazelden

Timo Marren

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