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Students make voices heard to save the bees

Year 1 students have made their voices heard. On Tuesday 7 June, the students held a protest on the School Grounds to protect a tree with a beehive. The students presented their arguments and made protest to the Primary Office, to the Grounds and Maintenance team, and finished by rallying in the Quadrangle. The students made sure to catch the attention of passing students and staff, including the Head of School, who came from class after hearing students chanting “we love bees, save the trees!”

The students’ protest was a result of their inquiry about bees. During a Botanical Literacy walk, the class followed a bee to a tree with an active beehive in it. Read more about our Early Learning philosophy here

A protest was first considered when Alice asked, “what if the tree is cut down?” This provoked the other students to quickly get on board, discussing how they could present their argument and prevent this from happening.

“They collectively decided their voice would be stronger if they spoke together,” explained Year 1 Teacher, Mrs Jayne Lincoln.

When asking the students why they had to protest, Harriet explained “If there were no bees, we would not be alive!”

The class made placards and conducted a peaceful protest getting their point across by making the people with power aware that there is a tree with a beehive on school grounds and must not be taken own.

As a result, Mr Matthew O’Brien had the tree assessed by both the Operations Manager and the Head Horticulturalist and is also going to work with the students to build some “native bee hotels” to further their inquiry. The tree has indeed been saved.

“I met with the Year 1 class to let them know this fitting outcome for their concern turned into action, and action into a positive result. I know this valuable experience will stay with the students for the rest of their lives – they know their actions can make a difference,” said Head of School, Mr Matthew O’Brien.


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