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Students learn life lessons from award-winning author

Feature Image - With Will Kostakis

Award winning author Will Kostakis visited our School and spoke to Year 8 and 9 students towards the end of Term 1. His visit gave students a realistic insight to the life of an author. Will spoke about how he overcame hardships in his life and turned his experiences into inspiration for his writing.

His light-hearted tone masked the serious issues about his life which he discussed. Students were equally contemplative about the matters, inspired by his triumphs and amused with his jokes.

“I liked how he talked really openly about how he felt. He was pretty funny and engaged the audience the whole time. I think it is great how he has come from a really tough background and has gone through so many hardships and he is still fighting through and now he has found his feet. It taught me that no matter how hard your background is, you can get through it. Even if it takes a few goes, you will get there in the end,” said Year 9 student, Dustin Gee.

Fellow classmate, Olive Reid, agreed with him saying, “I really liked when he was telling us how he got into his career as an author. He was very funny. I learnt to always be open with your friends because you never know when you might lose them. I thought it was really valuable, hearing Mr Kostakis’ story, and learning about some of the lessons he had.”

What started in 2008 as a necessity to get his books in front of young adults, has become a passion for Mr Kostakis to tour schools all over Australia.

“I want to make sure that I can be the inspiration for a student no matter where in Australia they are from or what socioeconomic background, because teenagers should not have to be reminded that their word and their experiences have meaning and value. I want to empower them all to become really great communicators in the future,” said Mr Kostakis.

“My favourite thing is making them laugh. That is always the best. When I notice someone who comes in as a reluctant reader or writer and then I see just in their body language, the resistance to the idea changing, that for me means the world,” he added.

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