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Student breaks State record in National Athletics Championships

Year 9 Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School student Isabella Bidesi ran a personal best in the 800-metre track and field final at the 2022 Chemist Warehouse Australian Athletics Championships. Her new personal best time of 2.10 minutes broke the WA State Little Athletics record for the event and made her the third fastest nationally for her age group.

Isabella, who has been involved with sports for many years, started athletics at a young age.

“I did athletics when I was younger in Margaret River. We did one competition in State that year, and I did quite well, and from there, the interest kind of sparked, so I continued and began taking it more seriously,” said Isabella.

Isabella also plays hockey, competes in swimming, is a member of a local Surf Club and completes strength training. This year was the third year that Isabella has been selected to compete at the Australian Athletics Championships, and she really enjoyed the experience.

“I do not really go on a lot of holidays, so it was sort of like going on half a holiday, and it was really fun.”

When asked how she felt about placing third nationally, she said, “I felt really good. That was my first medal nationally – which was one of my goals. I was really happy! Going into the finals, I knew I had a chance, but it was up to how I raced, and I pulled through, so it was a really nice feeling to finish with a medal.”

Isabella feels relaxed about her future in athletics but is still keen to continue competing.

“I want to take it as it comes. I do not want to set anything in stone. For now, I want to continue traveling and do a bit of competing along the way.”

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