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School welcomes Capel Shire decision

asphalt plant

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School has welcomed the decision of the Council for the Shire of Capel, who unanimously rejected the application for the development of an asphalt plant adjacent to residents in Gelorup and the School.

The Chair of the School Board, Mr Simon Jacob, presented a powerful argument at the Capel Shire meeting on Wednesday night, outlining the School’s objection to the asphalt plant.

In addition to Mr Simon Jacob, the Director of Business and Administration, Mrs Jenny Nobbs and Head of School Mr Michael Giles attended the meeting yesterday evening.

“Parents choose to send their children to our School primarily for the excellent educational, pastoral care, future pathways and character development opportunities that are provided but they equally place a premium on the pristine environment provided by its location within Gelorup,” said Mr Michael Giles, the Head of School.

“Our opposition to the industrial development in Gelorup was soundly based on what we consider is best for growing minds and bodies, and we are pleased the Shire of Capel voted unanimously to oppose the development of the plant.”

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