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School reduces tuition fees from 2021

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The School has just announced that we will be reducing our tuition fees from the commencement of the 2021 academic year.

“Our School was established nearly 50 years ago to provide children of the South West with a city education in the country.”

“The School is facing some significant challenges in the coming years. As a regional school, the changes to non-government school funding by the Federal Government will have a substantial impact on us,” stated Mr Michael Giles, Head of School.

“The Board of Governors completed a rigorous analysis of our School model, in comparison to other similar, regional schools and made the decision to reduce and restructure the fees, to ensure the School is more affordable for families in the South West.”

“Our School has a strong reputation for learning excellence, the care and wellbeing our staff provide and the variety of opportunities on offer for our students. This will not change.”

The new reduced fees will be fixed for the next two years.

“By fixing the fees for the next two years we will provide families with the ability to plan with confidence for their children’s education.”

Our School is a co-educational day and boarding School offering education to children from Pre-kindergarten to Year 12.

“By reducing the fees, the excellent education we provide is now accessible to more families in this region. We invite families who are interested in learning more about these changes to take a tour of the School. We encourage them to talk to our current parents about why they are part of our community and learn more about the many opportunities that are available.”

For more information, visit our Fees page.

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