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Round Square

What is Round Square?

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School is a global member of the Round Square organisation. Round Square is founded on the philosophy that a student’s education is so much more than what occurs in the classroom; it also encompasses life experiences and opportunities.

Round Square is based upon six pillars or IDEALS: Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service. We encourage all members of our School to become involved in the Round Square experience through various ways, outlined below.

For more information about Round Square please visit the Round Square website
The username and password for students and parents is:
Username: Students
Password: RoundSquare2015


Our School became full regional members of Round Square at the 2008 International Conference in Canada. Since then, we have sent a full delegation of students to all International Conferences and also have the opportunity to participate in Regional Conferences. Each year our students also have the opportunity to be part of the Australasian and South East Asian conferences. These are planned for various age groups usually for Year 8 and 9 and another for senior students in Year 10 or 11. 

Young Round Square

Young Round Square has been developed to introduce the philosophy to students at an early age. As a school, our students can be involved from a Primary School level from 10 years of age.


Our Year 8 students can participate in two week exchanges within Australia with other regional member schools. Year 10 and 11 students can participate in international exchanges for six to 10 weeks. Students have had exchanges to schools in Germany, Japan, France, Canada, England, South Africa and India.

Applications are now being taken for both regional and international exchanges. To obtain a copy of our exchange forms or Outgoing Exchange forms, please visit our Round Square Portal Page.