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Primary School reflections from Year 6

y 6

Near the end of the School year, the Year 6 students reminisced about their time in Primary School and put together a list of their favourite memories.

My favourite memory from Primary was…

Going to Canberra and playing air hockey against a robot at Questacon. :: Mihika Agrawal

My first goal in a basketball game in Year 5. :: Jonathan Barry

When we built humpies down at Highway Oval in Year 4. :: Riley Bell

Playing dress-ups on the first day of Kindy. :: Harriet Birchall

Going on the Canberra camp and visiting the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. :: Maya Braddock

Meeting Anna Lockley and getting a hug from her. :: Bel Dabic

Finding a big caterpillar in Mrs Mulder’s room on the Year 2 camp. :: Harriet Forrest

When we made towers using spaghetti and marshmallows. :: Jordan Joynson

When we went up to high school in Year 2 and cooked pizzas to learn about fractions. :: Pratosh Karingula

Watching my sister have fun with her friends at school. :: Connor Knight

When Mr Smith came to work at our School as a gap student. :: Molly Lincoln

Playing in the new playground in Kindy after we moved up the hill. :: Anna Lockley

Horse riding on Year 3 camp. :: Preston Magill

Going on Friday Fossick in Pre-primary where we jumped in puddles and went bushwalking. :: Cohen Matthews

My first cricket game in Year 5. :: Jake Richings

When we carried the rainbow snake up the hill when we moved classrooms. :: Ella Smith

In Year 4 my friends and I created secret spy squad. :: Ella Ackinclose

When all of the girls would hold hands and roll down the grass hill. :: Zoe Anderson

Placing a poppy on John Simpson’s name at the War Memorial. :: Bella Andrew

Doing X-Adventure training with Mr Murray. :: Fletcher Brown

Doing archery on Year 5 camp. :: Jack Butcher

When we moved our classroom up the hill in Kindergarten. :: Ariane Diggins

Making my own backpack out of cardboard and cellophane in Pre-primary. :: Celise Fleming

Skiing at Smiggin Holes and doing some jumps. :: Carter Giacci

Being Head Boy for Semester 1 in Year 6. :: Joshua Joynson

When I dressed up as a pig for assembly. :: Charlotte Maag

When I got MVP in basketball for the first time in Year 4. :: Will McDowall

Making Christmas stockings in Year 3, which Mrs Swart then filled with lollies. :: Grace Offer

Walking around Fremantle on Year 5 Camp. :: Demi Perkins

When I jumped the height of the fence in the playground. :: Indi-Allen Phelps

Playing in the Academy Plate school tennis tournament, where our team came third. :: Harry Piacentini

Doing Speaker’s Challenge in front of the whole school. :: Rohan Ramesh

Running the water-a-thon for the Primary School in Year 5. :: Daniella Schoeman

When we went into the bush at the end of the School and cooked marshmallows on the campfire. :: Yuuta Sumitomo

Making ice-cream in Science in Year 3. :: Liesl Venter

Skiing off-piste on the last day of the Canberra trip. :: Zac Whirledge

Rolling down the sand dunes and burying Demi on Year 4 camp. :: Brigitte Southwell

Going on exchange to Radford College in Canberra. :: Joshua Stafford

Having a mud fight on Year 2 camp. :: Saige Walford-Spring

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