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Primary Leaders excited to be role models for peers and younger students

Feature Image - Primary Student Leaders

Year 6 students Rosie Reynolds and Joseph Margono were elected by students and staff as the 2021 Semester 1 Primary Head Girl and Head Boy.

As dedicated and responsible leaders, they are excited to be the voice of their peers and lead the younger students by example.

“I am excited to have the chance to be a role model for the younger Primary School students and to participate in a lot of other co-curricular activities,” said Joseph.

With Joseph and Rosie knowing the importance of feeling comfortable at School to nurture each student’s love of learning, their main goal for the Semester is to help students, especially those new, to settle into the School year with ease.

“My main goal this year as Head Girl is to make sure all other students have an amazing time here and that everyone wants to come to School,” said Rosie.

“I want to make sure all the younger students in Primary and also all new kids feel safe and happy here,” added Joseph.

In their last year of Primary School, both Joseph and Rosie understand Secondary School will be a big change for them. Though it would present more opportunities, it also comes with its responsibilities.

“I will definitely miss being a leader at Primary School when I join Secondary School next year as well as being in the most senior students. However, I am excited to begin Secondary School with new opportunities for classes and activities,” said Joseph.

“I think I would miss recess and lunch times at Primary School with more things to play and do. I am looking forward to having different teachers for each class in Secondary School though, and also joining a Home Group where I will be able to meet new students from across the Year Groups,” said Rosie.

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