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Pre-Service Teachers

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School encourages pre-service teachers who are studying at a metropolitan university to consider completing their practical placements at our School.

The School provides both accommodation and meals to pre-service teachers free of charge. The accommodation has recently been refurbished and is a separate facility within our Boarding School. Up to three pre-service teachers can be accommodated at any one time, with access to private bathroom facilities.

This is an excellent opportunity for pre-service teachers to work with highly experienced, professional staff in both the Day and Boarding School.

The School expects pre-service teachers to maintain a high standard of dress and grooming at all times whilst at the School. Dress at school should be business-like, modest and comparable with what would be worn for a job interview.

For further information about pre-service teaching opportunities, please contact the Deputy Head (Academic), Kathy Chiera at


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