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Pastoral Care

Positive Education

Positive Education has been integrated across Primary and Secondary with particular focus on Character Strengths.

Positive Education identifies students as having certain character strengths, specific to them, and that we should be seeking to harness these strengths to ensure the success of the individual. Research suggests that teaching Positive Education leads to an improvement on overall wellbeing.

Learning about Positive Education

Mr Brad Goerling and Mr Andrew Lincoln are leading the Staff Development Group in this area, which is working on the inclusion of Positive Education principles into our daily school programmes. Staff have undertaken numerous professional development sessions based on Positive Education to ensure principles can be integrated effectively.

Applying the principles

There are six elements to the Positive Education model and the School aims to apply these at different year levels.Some of the programmes that have been implemented include Positive Sports Coaching, Rock and Water, Friendology and Goal Setting Strategies. The BCGS designed Strengths Programme encourages students to explore their VIA Character Strengths. This is based on Wellbeing theory, which holds that people are energised and are enthused when they use their strengths, and are also challenged and engaged by developing their lessor strengths.



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