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Yoga and PT sessions

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Yoga and PT sessions

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Open to parents and staff

Health fitness sessions

"Begin each day like it is a new beginning."   

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School has generously helped source qualified instructors to help us all with our wellbeing, which includes the following new programs.  

Fit it in Fitness specialises in resistance training (weights), boxing sessions and cardio style workouts HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This will be hosted two mornings a week by Sonia Churcher, a passionate Personal Trainer who excels at catering for each individual in a fun non-competitive environment. Sonia will help you achieve your fitness goals, whilst having fun, learning new things and embracing challenges. Her training sessions are as much about the community and friendships as they are the exercise.

Yoga practice with Kerry Latham will also be available on Friday mornings during summer. Yoga is simple and very effective in creating an awareness of the body’s innate intelligence and desire for wellbeing. The focus on alignment of the physical body and how it feels, the physical space you occupy and the breathing practices assist in centring the mind and strengthening the core, increasing muscle tone, leading to improved balance and stability not just physically but emotionally and mentally.


Both of these activities are suitable for all levels of fitness, ability and age. Please note these are only held during term time and cost $10 per session. 

Click on the flyer below to find out more.


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