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Educational Support

At Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, we cater for students of all abilities and treat each student as an individual with their own unique strengths, aptitudes, interests, challenges and aspirations. For students who have particular academic strengths, we provide additional stimulating activities through our Challenge and Extension Program. For students who find their academic work difficult we offer a range of support services.

Structure of the curriculum

In Years 7 to 9 students spend most of their time being taught in mixed-ability groupings. Students are streamed for Mathematics progressively through Year 7 and this continues into Year 8 and beyond. Students are streamed for the four core areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Society and Environment from the start of Year 10.

In lower Secondary classes, the curriculum is presented in a differentiated manner. This means students within any particular class may be working on different activities suited to their ability and understanding of that topic. Some students may be consolidating their understanding whilst others are tackling extension tasks. In this way we cater for the full range of abilities within a class.

In Year 7 and 8, we offer Enrichment English classes in place of a foreign language for students who struggle with English. Students are assessed at the start of the year and this data is used, alongside previous school reports, parental information and NAPLAN assessments to determine which students would be suited to this course.

Educational support staff

The School provides Educational Assistants who work alongside students in the classroom to support them and to help students to access the curriculum more fully.

On Thursday mornings, we run targeted Learning Support sessions at the start of the day for individuals and small groups of students. This may be as a response to a particular need or to address a concern. Students may spend some time reading and discussing a text, working on a spelling program or developing their extended writing.

Our School Counsellor Dr Justin Harrison is a registered psychologist and can organise further assessment for students where required, as well as provide individual support directly to students.

The School also has two dedicated teachers, one in Primary (Mrs Sue Kokir) and one in Secondary (Mrs Roxanne Wilson), who work alongside students with special educational needs and their parents and develop Individual Education Plans for students as necessary. Should a parent have concerns about the academic progress of their child, please contact the student's Class Teacher in the first instance. Further help may be sought from the Head of House, Associate Head of House or Mrs Kathy Chiera, Deputy Head (Academic).

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