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Scuba Club

The philosophy of the SCUBA Club is to retain the spirit of adventure whilst ensuring this is done within a framework of safety. Our basic principle is that education is the key to enabling young people to assess risks, make good decisions and manage challenges. Students are taught the appropriate skills, and we try to ensure that subsequent dives are further opportunities to develop and learn. Our activities are designed to foster a respect for the ocean and all that lives in it.

The Dive Club continually enjoys a constant stream of adventurous and dedicated students and family members, a truly varied representation of our larger School community. Together, the trust and education shared provides us with the magnificent privilege of exploring and enjoying the largest part of our planet - the oceans. Dives and courses are organised through a local dive company with optional dive trips are organised on weekend and during some school holidays.

For further information, please email Mr Rob Brooksbank at


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