Pastoral Care | Bunbury Cathedral Grammar


Pastoral Care

The spiritual and moral development of our students is encouraged through the whole School focus on values implicit in all areas of the curriculum. Linked with this are opportunities for worship and a dynamic Christian education program.

One of the key roles of the class teacher is to get to know each student in the class individually, which enables them to provide ongoing support and nurturing. All students have acess to the support and advice of the School Counsellor, who works as part of our Pastoral Care team to support the wellbeing of all students in our School. Students can seek support for any issue they may be struggling with or just to look at ways they can improve their performance in a particular area.

The School Chaplain is a friend and counsellor to the School community, giving spiritual leadership and counsel. The confidentiality and the independence of such contact are expected and respected by the School.

In addition, our Health Centre offers a qualified Nurse able to provide timely and appropriate medical treatment.

Nurturing young lives is a significant responsibility and one that we take very seriously. Ensuring that the children in our care are well prepared to engage with life, to think critically and to live life with dignity, care and compassion is not only our responsibility, but also our delight.

Our School places emphasis on a Positive Education framework, running a host of programs that celebrate Character Strengths and build self-esteem and resilience.