Water Minster visits BCGS | Bunbury Cathedral Grammar

Water Minster visits BCGS


Water Minster visits BCGS

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School has adopted a sustainability approach through its management of natural resources.

The School was pleased to welcome Water Minister, Dave Kelly, on Thursday, 5 October to see firsthand some of the water efficiency measure implemented across the campus.

Acting Head of Secondary, Matthew O’Brien, said the School is working towards a sustainable future through its water management and solar panel system projects.

“The School has placed a strong focus on maximising efficiency for available water resources with upgrades to bore and scheme water systems. These upgrades enable us to match water type to water usage, to implement closer monitoring for earlier detection of water loss or unexplained water use, and to repair leaks with minimal impact on daily operations of the School and our Boarding facilities,” Mr O’Brien said.

“We have also reviewed and improved our water practices through horticultural management and rationalization of grassed areas and planted areas, resulting in further savings.”

Water Minister Dave Kelly said Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School has been able to achieve a remarkable improvement in its water efficiency in recent months.

“These changes will deliver long term benefits to the School and is a demonstration that everyone in the community has a role to play to save precious water in our drying climate.

“Detecting and repairing leaks can be a very efficient way of saving water and repairing just one leaking tap can save up to 10,000 litres of water a year.

“It was great to see firsthand some of the water efficiency measures they have undertaken, and I congratulate the School on its huge efforts to reduce the amount of water they use.”

Mr O’Brien also spoke on the School’s recent installation of its 180KW solar panel system.

“It is the largest educational installation in Australia and the largest commercial installation in Western Australia,” Mr O’Brien.

“This project will achieve significant savings, recover cost of installation within three years and reduce the School’s energy impact.”

According to Mr O’Brien, the School’s sustainability approach is a whole team effort that will continue to be developed and improved across the campus.

“Education regarding sustainability measures for staff and students will continue to generate awareness of our resources’ value,” Mr O’Brien said.