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TEDxBunbury Inspires and Engages


TEDxBunbury Inspires and Engages

During April a small team of students and staff volunteered their afternoon to assist at the TEDxBunbury conference hosted at our School. All 100 tickets were sold out by members of the public and there was an air of excitement in the Auditorium as the lights dimmed and the first speaker took the stage. Over the course of six and a half hours, eight speakers explored the theme of the day – Eudaimonia (also known as human flourishing) by sharing their own stories of how we can better ourselves and each other. Sasha Milne encouraged us to think about ‘what is time and how can it build a united community?’ Neville Ellis spoke about how human wellbeing is intimately connected to the health of all living things, and Shaun Nannup shared his experience with the healing power of being connected with the stories of our ancestors. With entertainment from Mista Mista, the Philharmonic South West Quintet and a capella group Out of the Blue, who finished the event with an ode to Mexican food, TEDxBunbury delivered an entertaining, enlightening and unexpected experience. Here are what some of the student volunteers thought of the experience:

The experience was extremely rewarding - to see the technical aspects of an organised event was very interesting. It was also inspiring to see local people have such aspirational and fascinating subjects to speak about and to see how passionate some of the speakers were of their chosen subject. I found Rachel Wotton’s talk ‘Open Your Mind to What Goes on Behind Closed Doors’ an extremely intriguing talk as it’s an aspect of life that is so normal to the everyday person, yet we constantly subside what it would be like for the minority who are born with or suffer through disabilities. It was an eye-opening talk, it made me realise how easy most of us have it, being able to walk, talk and be healthy without a second thought, yet there are so many who are unable to even do the necessities by themselves. :: Selena, Year 12

I personally enjoyed the talk about time (by Sasha Milne) because as a Year 12 student, never having enough time seems to be a constant and daily struggle! I really found it interesting to her Sasha talk about how time is a powerful resource and the fact that as people, we want connection and we fear change. "There is no better time to start than right now." :: Macushla, Year 12

I liked being a part of a team and being able to help out the wider community. I enjoyed being able to listen to the talks, they opened up my view and allowed me to see the world differently. I now appreciate the large amount of time and organising that goes in to making these events such a positive and successful experience. I really enjoyed the last talk by Sasha as I found it very interesting and it opened up a pathway of thought for me that I have never considered before. It was engaging and her way of speaking was very enthusiastic and I found this very refreshing. :: Grace, Year 12

I got to meet new people and saw how a TEDx conference worked and how much effort was put into it. I really enjoyed Neville Ellis’ talk on climate change and the effect it had on people when it changes their land. It gave me a new insight and perspective on climate change that I haven’t heard before and was glad I did. :: Viveka, Year 12