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Students Teach Joy Of Surfing


Students Teach Joy Of Surfing

Recently Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School was approached by Kelli Hingerton who is a graduate student at the University of Rhode Island in the United States. Kelli is conducting a research project as part of her Masters degree in Education. The study has been running in the US for six years now under the direction of Emily Clapham who is an associate professor in kinesiology. The study is titled “Catching Waves for Health” and seeks to learn more about the benefits of surfing for children with disabilities.

Our Year 10 Aquatics students were invited to help introduce children from local primary schools who have learning difficulties, to the ocean and the basics of surfing. So far this has been a wonderful opportunity for our Year 10 Aquatics students to share what they have learned in Aquatics with others and to give something back to the community and build new relationships.

Mr Ken Taylor :: Aquatics Teacher