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Students Step Up To Da Vinci Decathlon


Students Step Up To Da Vinci Decathlon

In an inter-school da Vinci Decathlon students work together in teams of eight to solve problems from 10 disciplines; Mathematics, Science, English, Drama, Art and Poetry, Engineering, Philosophy, Code Breaking, General Knowledge and Cartography. Our Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 teams excelled, not only in final placings, but also in their abilities to listen to each other, to respect each other’s ideas and to strive towards common goals – relationships at work! :: Mrs Jane Kirkham

Taking part in the creative producers had at first terrified me as I thought I hated working under pressurised situations. I found, though, when I did take part in it that my brain immediately adapted to quick thinking and the team and I were able to come up with a unique idea we probably wouldn't have thought of if we had been given a longer time period to complete the activity. We used the first idea that popped into our heads instead of second guessing ourselves. :: Emily, Year 8

I enjoyed exploring my mind and limits, while learning new exciting things and working against the clock. :: Jordan, Year 8

I really enjoyed the da Vinci Decathlon because the whole team worked together to help each other answer the sometimes challenging questions about the world’s great explorers. :: Tara, Year 7

The General Knowledge caused many laughs as we were posed with somewhat curious questions. :: Halle, Year 8

I took part in the creative Engineering, Maths, General Knowledge and Code Breaking which I found quite difficult, but still enjoyable. :: Cameron, Year 9

I really enjoyed meeting all the other students from the other schools, oh, and coming second was great too. :: Alexander, Year 7

The day of Da Vinci was filled with many exciting and team building challenges with the most enjoyable being the general knowledge where we were all working together and trying to come up with answers which were quite amusing. :: Lauren, Year 8