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Students delve into literature


Students delve into literature

A group of talented writers and readers from Years 3 to 5 visited The Literature Centre in Fremantle on Monday, 29 May.

They examined the picture book Small Things by WA author and illustrator, Mel Tregonning. The book deals with the theme of anxiety and loneliness.

The students were able to unpack the big ideas in the book and were given the chance to create their own poetry based around the theme of emotions.



Today is smoke grey

A piano, playing soft, low music

A stone cold bowl of rice

A broken, prickly, wooden chair

I trudge through this day

Thomas Hill, Year 5



Today is blue

A flute being blown on softly

The last chip in a bowl that nobody eats A table with an edge chipped out I dawdle through this day

Owen Milford, Year 5



Today is a dark and dull blue

A violin wailing in the wind

A cup of cold soup sliding slowly down my throat A bench lying in the middle of a shaded orchard I trudge, shivering through this day

Matilda Richings, Year 5



Today is rainbow shaded

A piano pitter pattering to the sound

Fast food being handed over to the driver A toppling chair with one leg I survived through this day of confusion but I am powerful 

Bede Wetherell, Year 5


A Dunn :: Primary Deputy - Teaching and Learning