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South West Philosothon success


South West Philosothon success

BCGS hosted the South West Philosothon last week for the fifth time. Students from four other schools attended with a total of eight teams taking part.

I am delighted to report that the team of BCGS Gold emerged as winners bringing home the perpetual trophy. Well done to James Jensen (Year 8), Halle Mitchell (Year 9), Luke Paoliello (Year 10), Caitlin Shaw (Year 11).

BCGS Blue came in a very credible third place. Well done to Henry Openshaw (Year 8), Alex Tombleson (Year 9), Thomas McGregor (Year 9 in the Year 10 group) and Rose Scott (Year 11).

Individual medals went to Henry Openshaw (3rd in Year 8), Halle Mitchell (1st in Year 9),  Alex Tombleson (2nd in Year 9), Luke Paoliello (1st in Year 10), Caitlin Shaw (2nd in Year 11), Rose Scott (3rd in Year 11).

BCGS now progresses to the Australasian Philosothon in 2018 that is being held in Adelaide.

Thanks also go to our student organisers, Emma Kirkham and Jamie McGregor from Year 11, who were fantastic with the scoring, photography and general helping. Thanks especially to Fr Geoff Chadwick for being the BCGS facilitator, and for his ongoing support of the Philosothon.

South West Philosothon Gallery

Jane Kirkham :: Secondary Challenge and Extension Co-ordinator


The Philosothon project was conceived by Mr Matthew Wills, a teacher of philosophy from Hale School in Western Australia. A Philosothon is a competition that sees students engaging in a Community of Inquiry, seeking to investigate a complex ethical or philosophical problem in a collaborative manner. Unlike debates, the views of students are not necessarily pitted one against the other, and students may change their mind or refine their thinking on issues as the dialogue unfolds. In this way, Philosothons promote critical and creative thinking and collaboration skills.