Setagaya Delegation visits BCGS | Bunbury Cathedral Grammar

Setagaya Delegation visits BCGS


Setagaya Delegation visits BCGS

The Setagaya Delegation are exploring the South West this week to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Sister City relationship between Bunbury and Setagaya, Japan.

Part of their visit was to Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, which Acting Head of School, Matthew O’Brien said was an honour and demonstrates how much the two cities value education.

“It is interesting to compare Setagaya and Bunbury. Quite simply, Setagaya is a densely populated big city, compared to Bunbury being a spacious and rural city, with Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School obviously a school set in a beautiful bushland environment. We share so many things: a love of culture, running and education, but I think most all we share a love of education,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Students from Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School have experienced wonderful exchanges with Setagaya, through the Year 6 exchange organised by the City of Bunbury and the inaugural Year 8 and 9 reciprocal exchange that occurred last year.

“As a full Round Square Association member, the School understands how important it is for us all to be involved with, experience, learn from and engage with other countries.

The Delegation had a brief tour of the School grounds, including the School’s community garden and a Choir performance, meeting with the Staff Executive and the exchange students who visited Japan as part of the inaugural exchange.

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School offers Japanese as a second language option.

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