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Secondary Athletics Carnival


Secondary Athletics Carnival

Thursday, 3 September put on the perfect weather for the Secondary Interhouse Athletics Carnival at Hay Park. The events ran smoothly and the Carnival seemed to strike a healthy balance between competition and participation. Many family members were able to get to the carnival and support their sons and daughters, some travelling significant distances. Volunteers helped out on and off the track, and in particular we acknowledge the Parents and Friends Association who helped with the catering.

The final results saw Knight House emerge victorious ahead of Wilson, Goldsmith and Redding. There were many fine performances in all houses from quality athletes who relish the opportunity to take part in such events. There were also many impressive examples of young people accepting challenges and pushing themselves to do things they would prefer not to have to do. Character is apparent and strengthened in these situations and the enthusiasm our students displayed in these endeavours is contagious. 

The Interhouse Carnival is a major event and Mr Dale, the Head of Health and Physical Education and his team, which includes Sports Co-ordinator Mr Reid, do a splendid job in organising this day and numerous Pre-Carnival events on top of their normal full and busy programme. Thank you to all involved in making the carnival a success.