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Run For Their Lives


Run For Their Lives

In mid-June Bunbury Grammar hosted the charity fun run called Run For Their Lives for the third consecutive year. Run For Their Lives is a fun run aimed at raising funds and awareness for the Syrian refugee crisis. Three years ago, when the war in Syria was peaking, Head Girl Samantha Goerling created this run to aid Syrians leaving their homes to flee the conflict. This event brought together the South West community and people of all ages to contribute in any way, giving people a sense of justice and gratitude for their own lives.

Samantha organised, created and ran this event three years ago with the help of students from other schools in the South West and with the assistance of numerous teachers. Together they were able to co-ordinate a day in which the whole community could get involved in. Three years later we are still continuing to put our efforts into benefiting refugees in any way possible.

This year’s fun run enjoyed beautiful weather, avoiding the thunderstorms the run had experienced previously, and many people attended to participated and volunteer on the day. Live music, hot food, drinks, face painting, raffles and more were organised. Everything on the day was run by volunteers - people donated home-baked cakes and muffins, face painting was done by artistic mums, hot breakfasts were served and cooked by students. We were also privileged to have a Syrian guest speaker who was able to shed some light on what it was like living amongst the conflict, as well as a glimpse of what her family, who is still there, goes though on a daily basis. Her speech touched many of us and motivated others to continue to ensure that Run for Their Lives continues to strive in the years to come.

The money raised is donated to Syrian refugees through World Vision, which goes towards supplying refugees with clean drinking water, food, blankets, health care, education, sanitation and more. This run grows bigger in every aspect each year, and I hope to see it keep on flourishing in the future to provide support to those in need.

Eloise Pascoe :: Run For Their Lives Organiser